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This is my review of Periphery IV: Hail Stan! I'm just some jabroni who listens to music, not an expert on music theory or anything SO my opinions may not be the same as yours. If you'd really like to know whether or not you'd like an album, you should probably listen to it yourself. Listen to the album!!!: Youtube: Spotify:

Periphery IV: Hail Stan Album Review

Checking out Periphery's new album Periphery IV: Hail Stan ► Facebook - ► Instagram- ► Website - ► Twitter - ► SoundCloud - #periphery #hailstan

PERIPHERY - Sentient Glow (Cover) + TAB

Instrumental cover of Sentient Glow, from Periphery's 2019 album Periphery IV: Hail Stan. Subscribe to see an instrumental cover for EVERY SONG in Hail Stan: GUITAR TAB - Guitar tuning: C G C F A D Bass tuning: C G C F (There's some bass notes lower than C in the original, but I chose not to do them in order to just make it playable on a Drop C bass) Get Periphery IV: Hail Stan here:

PERIPHERY - Garden in the Bones (Vocal Track)

A chill vocal track variant of Periphery's "Garden in the Bones", off the 2019 album "Periphery IV: Hail Satan". Used just the vocal, synth/string, additional guitar, and guitar solo layers for this one. Periphery is back, and with a bang. Periphery IV: Hail Satan Vocal Track Playlist: Periphery IV: Hail Satan [P3 Style] Album Artwork by Breadtilian:


Watch PERIPHERY react to DEVIN TOWNSEND'S latest video "Genesis"! Watch the full Devin Townsend - "Genesis" video here: New Periphery album "Periphery IV: HAIL STAN" out April 5th! Order now: New Devin Townsend album "Empath" out March 29th! Order now:

Periphery (P4) - Hail Stan Review

This is a review of Periphery's fourth studio album. I go through my views on the compositions, lyrics, the mix, tones, artwork, and much more. Track list: Reptile, Blood Eagle, Chvrch Bvrner, Garden in the Bones, It's Only Smiles, Crush, Sentient Flow, Satellites

PERIPHERY - Follow Your Ghost (Cover) + TAB

Instrumental cover of Follow Your Ghost, from Periphery's 2019 album Periphery IV: Hail Stan. Subscribe to see a guitar cover for EVERY SONG in Hail Stan: GUITAR TAB - SOLO TAB - Guitar tuning: A G C F A D Bass tuning: A G C F (Here I am tuning to A D G C F and ignoring the 4th string) Get Periphery IV: Hail Stan here:

Periphery IV: Hail Stan Album Preview FULL GUITAR COVER (First On YouTube)

Since I cant wait for Periphery IV to come out, I decided to do a cover of the full album preview. Enjoy! ► Facebook - ► Instagram- ► Website - ► Twitter - ► SoundCloud - #peripheryIV #hailstan

How to Get Periphery 4: Hail Stan Guitar Tone

Diving into getting the Periphery 4 guitar tone! Axe Fx III Patch: ML Sound Lab Cap Pack: ► Facebook - ► Instagram- ► Website - ► Twitter - ► SoundCloud - #periphery4 #hails

PERIPHERY - Blood Eagle (Vocal Track)

A vocal track variant of Periphery's "Blood Eagle", off the 2019 album "Periphery IV: Hail Satan". Spence is beyond raw here. This track features the bass, vocal, synth/string, additional guitar, and guitar solo layers. 1:15 has some bomb keys or choir/voices. Nice bit. 2:00 has Spence and bass and it's wonderful. Check out 4:25 -- almost sounds like Juggernaut a bit. . Periphery IV: Hail Satan Vocal Track Playlist:

Periphery-IV: HAIL STAN Review

Review of IV: HAIL STAN by Periphery

Reacting to Periphery's 17 minute song | Periphery - Reptile

Full 17-minute song reactiona and review! Periphery - Reptile from the newest record: Periphery IV: Hail Stan. #periphery #hailstan #reptile MY RECENT COVER SONG: Thanks for ongoing support! Suggest songs and ideas down in the comments! INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:

Understanding Periphery

Get notified on messenger once new videos come out: ➜ Let's talk: Discord ➜ Twitter ➜ Instagram ➜ INFO: Periphery is an american progressive rock band formed in Washington D.C. in 2005. Over the years the band has proved to be one of the prime movers of the so called djent genre, although many would simply label them progressive metal or progressive metalcore. The b

Quick Opinion: PERIPHERY IV: HAIL STAN Raw, Unfiltered, Initial Reactions

Become a Patron! Coming RIGHT out of his first full listen of the album. FlightOfIcarus shares his first thoughts on the latest album from these love 'em or hate 'em progressive metalcore giants. Is this even metalcore anymore? And why does Flight compare these new directions to Ihsahn? Find the answers to these clickbait questions within. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE, nutbutt! Full Review: Don

Periphery - Periphery IV: Hail Stan Album Review - Plugged On Reviews

I discuss the latest record from Periphery! Like us on Facebook - Plugged On Follow us on Twitter - @PluggedOnVids

PERIPHERY IV - HAIL STAN | Sentient Glow Guitar Cover (+TAB)

TAB found here: Thanks to João Medeiros for the instrumental track: #periphery #mayones #kemper #seymour duncan

Periphery - Hail Stan (Album Review)

I take a look at the stunning new album from Periphery "Hail Stan" 01. Reptile 02. Blood Eagle 03. CHVRCH BVRNER 04. Garden In The Bones 05. It's Only Smiles 06. Follow Your Ghost 07. Crush 08. Sentient Glow 09. Satellites SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Metal Meltdown - "Periphery IV: Hail Stan" by Periphery | ALBUM REVIEW

Periphery is unchained from the ties of Sumerian Records, and that freedom has given them the time to craft their strongest album yet. "Periphery IV: Hail Stan" by Periphery Released April 05th 2019 via 3DOT Recordings Produced by Misha Mansoor & Adam 'Nolly' Getgood Follow the Metal Meltdown & Intoxicated Gaming on Facebook!:

Periphery IV - Garden In The Bones Instrumental

Garden in the bones Instrumental version by me and the song by peripheral. Hi, I'm still here and didn't abandon this project like I'm notorious for doing, thanks everyone for the positive responses for Blood Eagle I appreciate the support from new and old subscribers. Hail Stan on Soundcloud: songs go up first on soundcloud then Youtube. Music by Periphery and instrumentals are mixed by yours truly again everything on the channel is free

Periphery - 'Who is Stan and How Do You Hail Him?'

I caught up with both Spencer and Jake from Periphery to talk all about their hilariously titled 'Periphery IV : Hail Stan' Subscribe: You can pick up a copy of Periphery's Hail Stan right here! You can also find me: Instagram : @themetaltris Twitter : @themetaltris Web : Business email : Music by Alex Davies @ Atlas Studios:

Sir Crips Reviews - Periphery IV: Hail Stan

Here's my review of Periphery's brutal new LP, Hail Stan! Periphery is one of my favorite bands so I was so excited to finally formally review a full length LP from them. Thanks for listening! Background Music: Donors - Letter Box Outro Music: Unusual Habitat - Silent Partner

Periphery IV: HAIL STAN Full Album REACTION/First Impressions!

I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO Periphery is one of my all-time favorite bands. Ive seen them in concert numerous times and have met all of the members in person. I have a great amount of respect and appreciation for these musicans. It really pleases me that I am able to make this video, sharing my first impressions of this new Periphery record with you! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUB FOR MORE GOOFY, FUNNY, AWESOME VIDEOS FROM YOUR FAVORITE GINGER ON YOUT

Periphery - CHVRCH BVRNER (Audio)

Periphery's official audio stream for 'CHVRCH BVRNER' from the album, Periphery IV: HAIL STAN - available now on 3Dot Recordings at More from Periphery: Site: Store: Spotify: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: More from 3DOT Recordings: Site: Store: http://store.3do