E2 Reaction Mechanism - Stereochemistry, Chair Conformation, Newman Projection


This organic chemistry video tutorial provides a review of E2 reaction mechanisms - 2nd order bimolecular elimination reactions. Topics include how to form the saytzeff and the hoffman product using a strong unhindered base like hydroxide or a strong bulky base like tert-butoxide. Hydroxide causes the saytzeff product which is the more stable alkene to be the major product and the hoffman to be the minor product. The reverse is true for t-BuOK also known as potassium tert butoxide. This video discusses the stereochemistry of E2 reactions and contain examples that reference the cyclohexane chair conformation and a newman projection.

Other topics include the following:
Syn Coplanar vs Anti Coplanar Conformation - Staggered vs Eclipse Newman Projection
Substrate Reactivity - E2 works better with tertiary alkyl halides
Rate Law: Rate = K * Base * Substrate
How To Predict The Major Product & How To Propose a Mechanism For an E2 Reaction.

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