Grand Fantasia 91~100 Hell Fire Arena No Commentary Gameplay(Relic's & Lag) #085 Mechmaster


Grand Fantasia Anime-themed MMORPG No Commentary Gameplay (PC)

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Since the dawn of time, the Sprites have maintained the balance of the world. It is said that in the dawn time, before the people of Saphael split into competing tribes and factions, humans could interact with these mystical creatures. In those times, humans lived in a state of harmony with nature, and Sprites were plentiful throughout the land.

Unfortunately, this age of tranquility would not last. As the tribes of Saphael continued to splinter and sever ties, their natural bond with the Sprites also began to fade. In time they spread to all corners of the world and built new settlements, razing forests, clearing fields, and tearing down the very mountains to erect their majestic cities.

Driven by an insatiable desire for power over their human brethren, some of these factions ventured deep into the earth where they unlocked dark and ancient secrets that would ultimately threaten to destroy all of mankind. Perhaps chief among these dangers were the great demon lords and dragons that terrorized the people of Saphael and set their villages and cities ablaze

Welcome to my Grand Fantasia 2 Let's Play Walkthrough in HD 1080p 60fps This Playthrough of Grand Fantasia will have no commentary. Grand Fantasia Gameplay will include missions, boss levels, episodes, chapters and the ending.

Grand Fantasia Player vs Player Characters
okuiper - Level 86 Prime
okyohei - Level 80 Warlord
oKyouhei - Level 100 Destroyer
oMeliodas - Level 80 Gearmaster


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