School Days English Dub Episode 2 The Distance Between Them HD


School Days English Dub Episode 2 'The Distance Between Them'
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Makoto takes Kotonoha on an awkward first date through town, an outing that ends uncomfortably when he tries to kiss her. Sekai gets word of this and coaches Makoto about his behavior in school the next day, setting him up with movie tickets for a date with Kotonoha. Things worsen in the theater the following afternoon however, something Sekai insists is a result of him moving too fast. She persuades Makoto to apologize to Kotonoha, and catching her before a council meeting, arranges to see her after school at the train stop. Kotonoha deliberately tries to avoid going and is coached by Sekai as well, as the two sit at a playground and discuss the state of the relationship. Convinced of Makoto's good-intentions, Kotonoha meets him at the train stop, planting a kiss on his lips as Sekai watches from a distance.

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