These SAFETY ROLLERS can SAVE MILLIONS of LIVES - Rolling Barrier Accident Safety


Rolling Barriers are a safety fixture that prevent drivers and passengers from fatal accidents by:
Absorbing shock energy
Converted shock energy into rotational energy

This clever, and very safe barrage means invented the company «ETI CO LTD» from South Korea, calling it Road Roller System (the road roller system).
It consists of a sturdy steel tube height 96 cm, between which the plastic, spinning around its axis, castors height 40 cm, which crumble in a bright orange or yellow reflective tsveta. Pri accident this barrier bend, taking the lion's share of the impact force, and without causing great damage to the vehicle. And due to twisting rollers car firstly loses its inertia, and secondly, changing the trajectory of accidental movement always turned sideways to the bump stop and returning to the road.
As a result, this barrier protection prevents "Return" car becomes in itself Statement cause human injury and death. Moreover, it causes much less damage to the machine, without bending the cab and does not allow the vehicle to roll over.

Key Features:
Rolling Barrier is best utilised in sites where vehicles are frequently exposed to accidents. It will safely lead a vehicle back onto the road or completely stop it by absorbing the shock energy through spinning rollers during an accident. Noticeable to drivers due to noticeable coloration and self-luminescence. It will minimise casualties on people and vehicles by absorbing collision shock.

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