Joker Game Metropolitan Police Department Drama CD


The video is not mine. I just uploaded it here on Youtube because I don't see any drama cd's here. Credits to the translation also!

Sakuma: Excuse me-
Hatano: HAA!!?? Why am I the one constantly pulling the joker!? Isn’t that weird!?
Jitsui: You’re the one that keeps pulling it out, you must really like the joker, huh. Hmph (taunting laugh)
Hatano: You must have done something, Miyoshi!
Miyoshi: Done what? I would like it if you didn’t falsely accuse me. If you have any doubts, then why don’t you go ask Amari, who’s the referee.
Amari: Eh? Sorry, I thought it would be over in the afternoon.
Hatano: Who was the one who made him referee!?
Miyoshi: Didn’t you do it? Don’t make such a fuss, you’ll ruin my hair.
Sakuma: ……….. (closes door) Di-did I go into the wrong room? I heard it’s on the second story detached from the main building, but the nameplate is… (sighs) It’s all worn out, I can’t read it. Oh there’s another door behind me. This time I shall pull myself together and… Excuse me. (opens door)

Kaminaga: Ah, hello Sumire-chan? Thank you for before. So and, this may be sudden, but are you free tonight? Yeah, I got an opening you see~ (laughs)
Tazaki: Kaminaga, go talk in the hallway instead. (sighs, munches on cookie) Hm, this cookie is pretty good.
Fukumoto: I’m glad. I don’t have much experience baking sweets, so I didn’t have much confidence but…
Odagiri: (munches)
(LINE sound)
Fukumoto: Hm? It’s from Odagri.
Odagiri (LINE): It was so tasty that I LOL’d wwwww.
Fukumoto: I see… I baked a lot, so eat more.
Tazaki: Don’t use LINE when you’re so close to us, just say it normally!
(door closes)
Sakuma: ……. What are those guys doing? There’s no mistake, that wasn’t the sight of people working in their normal hours. Those guys are the darkness of the police department? Heh, that’s imposibleeeeeeeee (got hit by door)

Miyoshi: Huh? What’s wrong? Why are you kneeling over there?
Sakuma: Ah… ow….! I feel like my butts going to split in two…
Miyoshi: Human’s backsides are already split to begin with.
Sakuma: I’ve been looking for the D Department, but it seems that I’ve got the wrong room… Sorry, it seems I’ve disturbed you.
Miyoshi: You’re not mistaken. The department you’ve been looking for is right here. Welcome, Chief Sakuma.

Sakuma: Sports day huh. How many years has it been? I haven’t participated in this since my police school student days.
Hatano: Um… I’m sorry to interrupt you when you’re enjoying yourself but… Do we have to wear this t-shirt?
Sakuma: Hm? Of course you do. You need team t-shirts for teams. There’s a difference in unity power if you don’t have them. Hurry up and wear it. Fukumoto sewed on a bear application so it’s very cute you know.
Hatano: That’s the problem!! Rather than help these guys, I should just ditch… Oi, Odagiri, you should also say something.
Odagiri (LINE): Hm? Why don’t you just hurry up and wear it?
Hatano: Seriously!? Am I the only one with a problem with the design of our t-shirts!?

Miyoshi: Oya, oya it suits you well, Sakuma Team. Well I would rather die than wear that myself.
Jitsui: Is that for a punishment game or something?
Amari: Ah, it’s Sa (kuma) Team so you used bears, huh?
Fukumoto: You noticed it well.
Kaminaga: Sakuma Team has Fukumoto, Odagiri, and Hatano, huh. Hatano is going to be troublesome.
Amari: We have Miyoshi, Kaminaga, Jitsui, and me after all. No matter how you think about it, we’re far inferior to their team’s physical strength.
Hatano: Heh! I can give you a handicap if you want?
Miyoshi: No need. Besides, I don’t want any mercy coming from someone who’s wearing that t-shirt.
Hatano: You’re also wearing that shirt with a strange picture you bought from that shopping district.
Miyoshi: !
Jitsui: Ah~, ridiculing Miyoshi’s fashion sense is like stepping on a minefield…
Miyoshi: Who said that my clothes were a 980 yen item bought from a dreary shopping district during its closing out sale?
Hatano: Ha? ….I didn’t say any of that… 

Odagiri (LINE): I normally buy my clothes at the shopping center, since it’s cheap.
Fukumoto: Ah, we’re commoner comrades, huh.
Sakuma: Guys, don’t make a scene. Now that I think about it, where’s Tazaki? He’s not assigned to either team.
Tazaki: Ah~, ah~. Mic test, mic test. (clears throat) This is the broadcaster speaking. Leading the progression is me, Tazaki.
Sakuma: Ha? Why is Tazaki the broadcaster?
Kaminaga: Ah, this was a free for all participation kind of thing, right? Tazaki had quite a lot of connections with people in the neighborhood association. That’s his kind of specialty, so I’m sure the end result was sure to turn out like this.
Sakuma: You give him too much credit.
Tazaki: We are blessed with this cloudless fair sky, a truly fine weather for a sports day, the opening ceremony will begin in a moment, so please gather at the main ground.

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