Tiger & Bunny: On-Air Jack! - Ch.1 Mysterious Hero ★Play PSP タイガー&バニー オンエアジャック


Tiger and Bunny Anime Games for PSP
Website http://www.bandaigames.channel.or.jp/list/tiger_bunny/
i don't know why but i love this kind of game lol
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Set in the futuristic world, Tiger and Bunny follows Kotetsu and his partner Barnaby in their adventures to rid their city of criminals. In this world where a chosen few developed special powers, criminals become more violent. Luckily, there are super heroes who strive to keep the peace. The only rewards they want is popularity. So get missions from the producers of Hero TV, use super human strength and defeat the bad guys before the other heroes in your ranking takes the jackpot.

The Anime series is overwhelmingly popular despite it being a midnight show. The last episode records a hundred thousand views. The movie comes in September 2012. Get a taste of using super powers here, don't just watch from the sidelines.

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