Love Me Most - by Danielle Knibbe


Here's a song from our EP that we released in 2013. You can purchase this song and the whole EP on iTunes:
Featuring the ever-so-talented Bryn Besse on guitar and Connor Walsh on bass. Filmed by the super duper James Law.

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Love Me Most:

You tend to look right through me as you would a ghost
I want you to love me most, I want you to love me most
I want you to love me most, I want you to love me most

Here I am on centre stage
Willing to throw my heart away
If you don't want me anyways
I guess I'll go

Cause I've been trying for sometime
To be the first thing on your mind
I've done my best but still I find
I don't come close


Touch my hand and feel my skin
The flesh and bones I've always been
Why can't you see the heart within
Is real, is raw, is yours
You're what I'm waiting for and yet you
Always tend to


But you won't, no you won't

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