Barbie Doll Mini Mart - Playing Grocery Store & Supermarket Toys

Playing with the barbie mini-mart grocery store playset! Unboxing the barbie supermarket and setting it up adding grocery miniatures. Barbies mini mart comes with a working scanner to roleplay and pretend play! Serve up an icee just like in the real stores! Buy snacks and check out at the register! This toy is so much fun to play with and pretend your in a real grocery store. Kids love to shop in the supermarket and they can use their imagination with this barbie toy.

Titi Toys channel creates kid friendly content for kids how to play with dolls. Kids videos feature Barbie Doll, Disney Princesses American GIrl Dolls, Our Generation Dolls. Pretend play for girls how to set doll bedrooms DYI, dress up dolls, morning and evening routines in doll bathroom, kitchen toys for dolls cooking. Playing with dolls and using your imagination is what we encourage everyday!

Barbie is one of kids favorite doll around the world. Children can make up stories and role play with Barbie dolls and play sets. Barbie is a household name but it also pronounced and sounds different in other countries, Here are some examples,
poupée Barbie
Salle de bain barbie
Arabic -
باربي , دمية باربي, غرفة باربي
HIndi -

बार्बी गुड़िया

बार्बी कमरा
Russian -
Барби , Кукла Барби,
Комната барби

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