XP Deus HF Elliptical Coil Test - Hunt In Difficult Conditions


This was my second hunt with the relatively new XP Deus high frequency elliptical coil. The first hunt was done on a field in 74kHz frequency mode, this one was at 30kHz. The location was pretty demanding. An abandoned, trashy vineyard, partially with soil from different locations. The spot was filled with coke (something I could not avoid with my "2-Tone" setup), trash and iron. I already hunted parts of it with the HF round coil, the black 9" coil (I believe) and the Tesoro Compadre. But, places like this are never "done" after a short hunt from one angle.

Conclusion: The narrow shape is of course an advantage. Targets can be better separated. The audio seems "narrower" too, which requires a little bit slower sweep speed, compared to the round HF coil. Due to the same algorithm it's just the shape that is making the difference, when it comes to unmasking iron. For scenarios with dense iron, I would prefer a shorter coil. It is simply too long in my opinion, both ends overlap unwanted targets too often, which probably compromises the performance.
But, if the iron bits are relatively small, or deeper and the overall amount of targets is not too high, it is a good coil for this type of hunt (in this case the length allows a faster coverage - the tip can be positioned from different angles).

I will try to edit and upload my first hunt with it (from a field) sooner or later.

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Music credits:
Chillin Hard Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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