Bloodborne Race ► 5 Hunters Killed in 00:11:50



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►I'm sure there will be a bit of debate as to whether "leashing" should be allowed. When I created this challenge, I wasn't aware of the numerous exploits and hunter cheeses, otherwise I would have been more explicit in my rules.

In my previous video I said that "glitches" or "duping" isn't allowed.

It's a slipperly slope. I decided to allow these "cheese" methods of killing the hunters because they a) still require a fair amount of skill to pull off and b) push what's possible within 15 minutes. I clarified on twitter that it was allowed as soon as I became aware of it.

If I had chosen to ban this technique, tens of runs that people had put countless hours into researching would have been considered void. And if I ban this, many other strategies could be called "glitches" as well. Sorry for any confusion, but I hope everyone appreciates that these runs were very impressive and worthy of showcasing.

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