E2 IELTS Writing Task 2: How to Get a High IELTS Writing Score! (General & Academic)


In this LIVE CLASS, Jamal from http://www.e2language.com/ explains the IELTS writing task 2 criteria and how to meet them to get a high score!

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For the IELTS Wriitng Task 2, you need to write a 250 word response to an essay question in 40 minuets! The essay is assessed on the following scoring criteria:
- Task Achievement
- Coherence and Cohesion
- Lexical Resource
- Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Jamal will provide some essay question examples, and explain what these criterion points mean, and how can you score highly on each of the above criteria!

This online live class will help you improve your overall IELTS exam score, with particular focus on IELTS writing and IELTS grammar skills!

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