The Most FIXED Super Bowl of All-Time The NFL Wants You to Forget


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Match fixing is unfortunately part of sports. FIFA recently had a major scandal on it. Don’t forget about the Black Sox scandal. And no matter what teams will tell you, we know that a lot of them try to tank. It’s as simple as that.

Match fixing will probably never go away. We just have to accept that. Now, the NFL has had its fair share of officiating controversies, but one particular event stands out from the rest. That would be Super Bowl 40, played between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks in Detroit.

While many of us try to remember it as Jerome Bettis’ perfect send-off as a champion in his hometown, it’s too hard to forget that the game had so many officiating mistakes to the point where people, to this day, believe the fix was in.

Today we present The Most FIXED Superbowl of All Time.

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