MFJ 1026 Removing Noise and Interference on HF Radio


The superb MFJ 1026 noise removal preamp connected to my ageing Yaesu FT840, this unit really cleans up signals and prevents strong local interference from obliterating distant ones.

Spend time with the MFJ make sure you use an external antenna for the listening antenna dont rely on the little whip unless the source of your interference is very close.

When tuning wear headphones and keep an eye on the S meter, an analogue S meter is preferable when tuning as you can see the noise level drop and you can see the null which can be very narrow.

Use the preamp switch, I spent ages struggling to get it to work and then realised I hadnt got the preamp switched in, this makes a big difference.

You wont see the S meter swing from S9 noise to nothing as on some videos, those folks are not using the unit right, they are taking the received signal out totally and the noise, you only want to take the noise out.

As you see will see in my clips the noise is normally 3-4 s points from the noise floor which is typically 3-4 s points on the affected bands, using the MFJ you can kill local noise and bring in distant stations that you would never be able to work unless you cheated and used a remote SDR website.

I got the TR link cable from this seller on Ebay

See your local supplier for the MFJ 1025 or 1026 and kill that noise!

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