May J Lee Choreography | MTBD - CL(2NE1)


* Choreogaphy by May J

* Dancers by
May J, Ye Ji, RedLic, Bonny Kim, Cocaa Lim,
JimBa, K.Sound, Tigger, Jong Young, Eunho Kim, Hwan

* Director by Timon Youn

* Assistant by Selil Sung

In this promo, I wanted to try something more new than 'The Baddest Female' which I had done before. Even though we did not have much time to practice, I could make out it by great enthusiasm of dancers. I had hard times in the process of making the promo until I finished shooting this promo. But, I think I had so much grateful memory and experience with the loved ones while we spent time with practicing and with struggling in making choreographs. I appreciate it to many people, especially, Tae-Youn, Hwang who allowed me and many dancers to practice in his studio, Timon Yoon who helped me from whole filming to editing, and the last all amazing dancers in this video with me. I really appreciate again to all friends who help me for this promo.
I wish my passion would touch people as many as possible!
Hope you enjoy and have fun ^^ Thank you!!

이번 프로모션은 'The Baddest Female' 보다 좀 더 새로운 시도를 하고 싶었습니다. 연습시간이 많지 않았음에도 불구하고 함께 해준 댄서분들의 큰 열정에 의해 할 수 있었습니다. 프로모션의 준비에서부터 촬영을 마치기까지 힘든 과정도 있었지만 좋아하는 동생들과 서로 고민하고 즐거운 연습시간을 보내며 그만큼 좋은 추억이 되고 값진 경험이 되었다는 생각이듭니다. 준비를 위해 많은 인원이 연습할 수 있게 도와주신 태연오빠, 그리고 촬영에서부터 편집까지 고생해주신 여욱쌤, 그리고 저와 함께 이 영상에 담겨주신 멋진 댄서분들.... 다시한번 진심으로 너무나 감사드립니다.
저희의 열정이 많은 사람들에게도 전해지기를 바라며
즐겁게 감상해주세요 ^^ 감사합니다 !!

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