Shower ~ Hiro x Violet


I didn't think I would ship it, but now it's my guilty pleasure OTP. Wilbur and Violet are still #1 for me. And people have been requesting it. I just didn't have BH6. Now I do.

Story: Violet and her family move to San Fransokyo and she sees Hiro. Immediately she feels something. Violet then runs off believing he hasn't seen her, but Hiro actually does.
He then returns home and tries to locate her. Once he finds her, they are attacked by a man in a kabuki mask. Seeing as she has no choice, Violet reveals her powers to him in order to save them. Hiro is surprised by her powers, but is more occupied with trying to get them away.
They escape and then Hiro tries to convince Violet that they have to stop him. She reluctantly agrees and Hiro assembles them some new super suits. (for the sake of this video, let's pretend she didn't get her suit until that part).
Once in their new gear, they again fight off the Man in the kabuki masked and Violet is assumedly killed. Hiro is then devasted, but it turn's out she isn't dead and he's relieved.

And yeah. Maybe I'll do a sequel to this video, but for now, enjoy this.

Films Used:
Big Hero 6 (Disney)
The Incredibles (Pixar)

Song: Shower ~Becky G

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own the media and audio used. They belong to their respected owners and this was made purely for the purpose of fun and entertainment.

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