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DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) controls the functioning of every cell in the body. It is the control center of the cell. Every day up to tens of thousands of DNA of human cells being attack and damage by the external factors, such as environmental pollution and toxic substances. The damaged DNA will send "error" message in the transmission of data, leaving the cell function decline or shortened the life expectancy, caused aging and a variety of chronic and degenerative problems. Therefore, we must ingest adequate nutrition to protect our DNA in order to maintain good health & youthful appearance.

✦ 美容科技新突破 細胞中的細胞 ✦



✦ Cell to Cell The New Breakthrough in Beauty Technology✦

There are 2 million human cells metabolism take place daily, the process requires a large amount of nucleic acid supplement. Lack of nucleic Acid can cause a slow metabolism, physiological disorders, skin appear dull and wrinkles, etc.

Healthy cell is the basic of beauty, cell aging will caused human aging. Therefore restore the vitality of the body cell regeneration is the cornerstone of healthy.

As long as the cells are healthy, cells can self repair lesions or damaged tissues or organs in the human body.

The body becomes younger & healthier; a variety of skin problems, such as pigmentation, pimples, acne, wrinkles, etc will be solved.

✦ DNA 延緩青春的解碼 ✦

✦ DNA - The Decoding of Delayed Youthful ✦
After years of study, scientists found out that deep-sea salmon milt can provides a rich source of nucleic acids. Lot of researches show that the salmon milt DNA contains highest source of nucleic acid among all the other food. It is also most compatible to human cells.

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