How HipChat went global using Atlassian tools


Scaling a software team globally can be as exhilarating as it is challenging ( A globally dispersed team means access to new talent, around-the-clock product improvements, and additional resources to build and release amazing software. However, it's only natural that having distributed teams across multiple offices, countries and timezones can lead to communication and collaboration difficulties and inefficiencies, especially for teams that aren't using the proper tools to keep everyone up-to-date and aligned towards one common goal. As Atlassian has grown from one small team in Sydney to a global team of over 1,300 in eight offices around the globe, we've experienced these challenges firsthand.

Join Josh Devenny (HipChat Product Manager, San Francisco) and Dave Minnigerode (HipChat Development Manager, Austin) as they share their experiences managing distributed teams of HipChat engineers, designers and contractors across multiple timezones and examine how having the right tooling makes this process possible.

In this webinar you'll learn:

- How the HipChat team has evolved from one team in San Francisco to multiple teams around the globe
- What challenges the HipChat team experiences working in a distributed and remote fashion across multiple timezones
- How the HipChat team uses JIRA and its powerful integrations with other Atlassian tools to solve these scaling challenges

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