That One Weird Friend...


We all have that ONE friend, you know... the one that says something and all of your friends just kind of look at them, like, “Did you really just say that?” Click to see more funny situations with that ONE WEIRD FRIEND!!

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My friends (Bella & Lily) helped me film this #funny skit acting out different scenarios involving that ONE strange #friend we all have! We still love them, and want to make sure they feel included, but they sure do make things awkward at times!

Please let me know in the comments which portion of this #comedy video YOU RELATE TO the most! Do you have any friends who have quirky/funny characteristics that you can think of?

Here are a few of the awkward friend moments:

* The Cheap-O
* The Rule Follower
* The "Pet Obsession"
* The "Always Late"
* The Movie Talker
* The "Always Cold"
* The One Upper
* The Picky Eater
* “Has a Boyfriend”
* The Over Exaggerator
* The Copy Cat
* The Flake
* The “Borrower”
* The Weird Laugh

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