Day of the Decisive Battle! けっせんとうじつ! 【リツカ / Ritsuka】


Omg gotta love Ritsuka's voice. This was originally Rin's (鏡音リン) song. A very old song dated back in 2008. But oh man, Ritsuka.... You became one of my favourite nico singers :D

Ok, so Putin-P is still making these rivalry stories between Miku and Rin. In some songs they can sound really series and angry from the lyrics they say. In Putin-P's story, both Miku and Rin "were" friends, but in truth Rin really hates Miku and I guess Miku knows and calls it "silly". In Putin's story, Rin insults Miku many many times in the songs. She wants her to disappear sometimes xD This song is the 2nd song of the 2nd story in Putin-P's work.

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Vocal by Ritsuka (リツカ )
Composed by プーチンP / Putin-P
Composer's other work @ mylist/8860946, mylist/4853617, mylist/9726498, mylist/9866786

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